About Sukhsagar

Sukhsagar International Pte Ltd is a leading importer/exporter of consumer electronics and IT products. We distribute almost all the major brands to the Indian subcontinent, CIS countries, Eastern Europe, South East Asia, and the Middle East.

With our almost global reach, we are able to source products to satsify our customers' needs and are able to provide efficient logistics support and consolidate many products into one single delivery be it by air or sea.

Having an experienced and dedicated team, we are able to respond to our customers needs in very short time. We believe in maintaining strong relationships with our customers and suppliers. Sukhsagar International Pte Ltd also constantly focuses on identifying innovative products to enhance and expand our range of products and is always on the lookout for potential business partners.

Cameras & Lenses
Macbooks and iPhones
IT Products and Consumables
Digital Signages

Our Brands

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